We believe that contemporary fashion can be full of character, impeccably crafted and highly profitable. Now more than ever, the flow of information is limitless, trends shift overnight and consequently the demand for fast fashion is rapidly increasing.

As a result, consumers get more and more selective in their search for ways to express their individuality. This creates a paradox – fashion needs to both be original and on trend. To successfully merge untamed creativity with commercial understanding isn’t easy, but we are pretty sure we’ve nailed it.

We are inspired by creative environments like modern metropoles where urban subcultures thrive and inventive originals innovate and influence the world around them – simply by being themselves.

Often, their unconventional take on/approach to both life and fashion becomes a source of inspiration, and this is exactly where our design originates from – the basic process of a unique idea becoming a trend. It is a rather diverse concept, we know, but it is nevertheless why ONLY & SONS’ collections range wide.

From timeless and classic to eccentric and challenging, our styles are varied in look and feel, but always uncomplicated and seamless.


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