Faced with the reality that is COVID-19, we must take the responsible steps to help manage the crisis and ensure the safety of our staff and community. Here are the latest updates :

- We have extended our return and exchange policy to 90 days, online & in stores.

- We have temporarily closed our distribution centre and are unable to ship any orders or accept any returns at the moment. As a result, we have removed the ability to process online transactions until further notice. 

How can I return my purchase?
We’ve extended our return period from 30 to 90 days for all purchases made as of March 1st. As our distribution centre and stores are closed and unable to accept any packages at the moment, please hold onto any returns you wish to make for the time being. We will update you when this situation changes.


I have recently returned my purchase and it has not been processed yet. How long will it take to get my refund?
As our distribution centres have been closed until further notice, if you have returned a package after March 10th and not yet received a refund, there may be an additional processing delay of 2-3 weeks. 


Will there be any shipping delays?
Any orders placed up until March 24th have been shipped within their regular delays. We are not accepting any online orders until further notice.

When are we planning on reopening the stores or the distribution centre?
At the moment, our distribution centre and stores are temporarily closed for an indefinite period. We continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep you informed as often as possible. 


Why have we closed the distribution centre?
This decision was made for the health and safety of our distribution centre staff and their families, many of which must take public transportation or other means of transportation. We also feel it is important to do our part, small as it may be, to alleviate the pressure on the postal network to ensure the quick delivery of essential goods to the public at large. 

What measures have been taken by the company? 


- Business travel inside and outside of the country, regardless of destination, has been cancelled or postponed until further notice. -

- All personal travel outside of the country, regardless of destination, has been subject to the recommendations of official authorities and is subject to precautionary measures (self-isolation or other) before returning to work.


- All corporate teams work from home, and we have closed our distribution centres and corporate offices until further notice.

- All outside visits such as suppliers and/or external business partners have been prohibited as of March 9th.

- Colleagues who have traveled, shown any symptoms, or were potentially exposed to anyone deemed at risk of infection have been asked to self-quarantine and work from home until further notice.


- All internal events, including training, conferences and any other organized event are cancelled until further notice.

- All meetings with colleagues, customers, business partners or suppliers will be done via conference call or video conference.